"Whale Song" (Sound-Scape)  2019
"Sanctuary" Neuberger Biennial 2001
"The swing-set from Hell... a powerful ambiguity" -New York Times
"M'Finda Kalunga" Sound-Scape 2019
"The Garden on the Edge of the Other Side of the World"

"Eclipse" (Sound-Scape) 2001
The sounds of Summer superimposed over a Winter landscape
"Breath" (after Beckett) 2020 Sound-Scape
"Requiem" (Sound-Scape)
From Genesis to Apocalypsis, a soundtrack to life on planet Earth. 
The wails of the Humpback whale fill the bowels of the New York City subway.
The sounds of the African wild permeate New York City's 
M'Finda Kalunga community garden.
"Magic Kingdom" (2021)
Gansevoort Street

The 1880's Gansevoort Street Market 
juxtaposed upon the 21st Century
Coming to a cathedral near you soon!
Soundscape Project 
Performed upon the Gansevoort Street Landing and Plaza directly outside the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Gansevoort Street Market of the 1880’s comes to life in 2024!
Superimposed audio transmissions re-create the marketplace in all it’s glory. Listen to the sounds of horse-drawn carts on cobblestone streets; vendors calling out their wares, the roar, whistles and horn blasts of the mighty locomotive atop the Highline elevated tracks. Hear live musicians of the era, livestock, auctioneers, early automobile sounds, and the simple hustle and bustle of the market.

Yerry Hill Pond, Woodstock, NY (Installation Views)